Premium Subscription

You will  get signals and you will trade yourself. We will available every time related to any type of queries and support in live Market.



=> Daily 2 to 3 (INTRADAY + POSITIONAL) high probabilistic trade setups with minimum 5000+ target in each trade.

=> DAILY intraday trade setups with proper SL and Target with 1:3 risk reward.

=> Live market support will be given.

=> Both Prime Positional WhatsApp broadcast and Private telegram channel will have DIFFERENT trades. Live market guidance will be there in both the premium subscription

=> Capital requirement – 40k+

=> 4699 for one month

=> 9999 for 3 months

 Once you pay, you’ll be added to our telegram channel.


  1. All calls will be in option ( 80% to 85% of the trade setup hit target Intraday only but the idea is not to exit forcefully in Intraday only as operators are active for Intraday Stop Loss hunting, in that case we carry positionally).

=> Risk: Reward ratio will be 1:3++ always.

=> Sample calls will be like- Escort 740 ce at 8 sl 6 target 12 15.

No buy above/Sell below entry.

Clear and simple entry/exit will be there in every call.

=> Number of calls will be depending upon market scenario. If market is really good, you can expect up to 2 trade setups, if market is risky, I might not give any. We focus on the quality and not the quantity of the trades. Profit from each trade is important, not the number of trades. In a month on an average 15 trade setups are there.

=> I’ll share my own understanding regarding market. The stocks I take for long-term wealth creation, the mutual funds in which I personally invest. Suitable Trading Psychology of a trader. All these will be shared by me. The concept is to learn and grow gradually as a family.

=> Capital requirement is 20k to 30k to trade in one trade set up.

=> 6899 for one month

=> 11999 for 3 month

Once you pay , you’ll be added to our WhatsApp broadcast. Live market Guidance will be there in both premium subscription.

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