Thanks for showing interest in availing our Stock Portfolio Management service. Go through the below details for PMS.

  1. Minimum fund – 2,00,000 i.e., 2L


  1. Overall 5-6 stocks (max) will be there in your portfolio.


  1. Target is 100% return on capital by 31st Dec, 2023 ,and 10x(1000%) return on capital by 2027.


  1. One-time registation fees – 15k (For lifetime portfolio maintenance)


  1. Sharing of 30% after 100% capital appreciation (when 2L becomes 4L, you need to pay 60k)


  1. Stocks can be small cap to midcap only. No large cap or penny stocks


  1. Risk tends to nil as it’s a PURE investment related service. No Intraday or F&O trading whatsoever.


For any queries regarding stock PMS we can also arrange a call directly to our senior authority.Just drop a message along with your convenient time below WHATSAPP

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