Frequently Asked Question!

Anything above 20k is a good capital to start.Most have started with small capital and gradually increased the capital.

However, return is synonymous to capital. Higher capital would fetch more profit. So, without financially exhausting yourself whatever you are comfortable to start with, you can !!

There’s no guarantee of min or fixed return like debt instruments (i.e. – Fixed Deposit, Bonds etc). You’re entering into F&O trading which is one of the riskiest financial instruments. You should only invest that much which you’re comfortable to lose!!

The performance shown in my channel/website is past performance of the accounts we manage. We always try our level best to keep it same or better in future too. As our earnings is linked with your profitability, our aim would always be giving decent profit in your account keeping the capital safe.

But don’t join if you become uncomfortable with negative MTM for the time being and have a notion that THE TRADER CLASS can bring only profit every day/every market conditions in your account without fail. We are no magician or God!!

 We work solely in stock option buying (NO option writing/selling).

90% of the trades do hit our target in Intraday only but if in some cases it doesn’t hit, we carry it positionally as the idea is not to forcefully exit it until we get the maximum benefit from a trade setup. Now, to get an Idea of accuracy and risk reward you can go through the P&Ls of my AMS clients’ in our official website/telegram channel.


Note :- The terms and conditions are non-negotiable. No queries will be entertained on reducing the One-time Operational charges or Profit sharing ratio. Only if you’re OK with all the terms then you can proceed forward.

There are two kinds of financial instruments

  1. Debt (Like Fixed Deposit etc.)

  2. Equity ( Like Stocks, Mutual fund etc.)

Debt instruments are for protecting capital as it’s risk free. It gives a minimum return guarantee (usually 4% to 6% annually)

Equity instruments are for wealth creation but they don’t guarantee minimum profit or return per say.

Expected return is based on market scenario. IN my past performance I’ve been able to give 50% to 100% return in two weeks. But that shouldn’t be set as a benchmark for the future also. It might be better or worse but mostly it will hover around the same. There’s no guarantee of minimum return as we’re dealing with Equity instruments, not with debt instruments like FD or Bonds

I’ve been publicly posting the real P&Ls along with trade details of my clients’ accounts on a capital of varied range to give an idea about the return, accuracy and risk-reward.

The Trader Class has its own automation application/terminal through which centrally all the orders for different kind of portfolios are managed. Along with the robust system, there are associates working with me who are assigned to monitor all the activities for each and every AMS account as well.

Yes. You can. By next day before 9 am you need to share. We have to upload the transaction ID against your account to proceed with the new trades.

It’s about available opportunities. If there’s opportunity, We will trade for sure. If volatility is too high and we don’t get trade set-ups with favorable risk reward, then unnecessary for the sake of trading won’t take trade. Capital protection is the prime objective. Profit comes automatically. We focus on the amount of profit we can get in each trade rather than the number of trades. Less trades but high profitability is our motto. When we take a trade, the Idea is to get 10% capital appreciation in each trade.90% case we get it in a day. If not, we carry and book within a day or two. We hope we’ve been able to clarify your doubt.

Whenever your capital amount reaches near 10% capital appreciation, then you have to share profit.

Yes, you can but too frequent logins will cause unnecessary trouble and make you emotionally unstable, so it’s advised not to watch.

Let’s understand with an example,

suppose  realized profit is 4.61L & unrealized profit is  4.72L, so net profit that’s 4.61L is considered. No other taxes (like individual 30%/20% tax bracket will be taken into consideration).

As you’re paying 8k as one-time fee for lifetime account maintenance, so  there is no monthly charge. Only 30% sharing when 10% capital appreciation is done.

Yes. You can maintain the minimum capital requirement in your account.

Not necessary as provided information in starting of your joining regarding this.

That’s difficult to tell, we expect the trade to perform as soon as we enter but there are times when it take its own time develop.

See, nobody can tell the exact timing to perform, We work mostly on breakout calls and 90% of the cases target happens to be executed in the same day but the idea is not to get exited until the target level is reached. Having said that, if we feel that it’s taking time and premium might get eroded, we would exit above cost only. See, capital protection is the most important thing because my earnings are based on clients’ profitability.

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